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    We recently lost a large number of photos of Stan, and are looking for your help to recover them. Many of Stan's fans had submitted photos (and in some cases, video!) through our old site but unfortunately they're gone... and we're really broken up over it! We've got a new team on the website and will look at all submissions, and then use the very best of the photos submitted here on the site. Please note: we're mostly looking for photos/video of Stan on-stage, but if you think your non-concert photo of Stan is worthy of going online over here, please send it our way. You can use this form to upload photos that will go to our team for consideration. Thank you so much for your help!

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    Before submitting this form, please ensure that you have permission to let and Fogarty's Cove & Cole Harbour Music use this photo for display on our website. Please note: if you are not the photographer, by submitting this form you're saying that you've spoken with them and they are okay with our using the photo on this site.