At Last I’m Ready for Christmas

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

Last Boxing Day the wife went out the “White Sales” for to see,
In trunk-load lots bought half-price paper and tinsel for the tree.
I packed it up for use this year in a box I marked so plain.
That stuff would sure be handy now, but it’s never been seen again!

At last I’m ready for Christmas, I’ve even finished the tree,
At last I’m ready for Christmas, like I thought I’d never be!
With my feet propped up by a good hot fire and a matching inside glow;
At last I’m ready for Christmas, with nearly two hours to go!

We swore this year we’d start off early, no need to rush around;
The intention was to start in August when the prices still were down!
But it was dentist-this and new bike-that and the money melts away;
So I had to wait for Christmas bonus and did it all yesterday!

We must be fools, just look at that pile, you can hardly see the tree!
We said this year we’d keep things simple, then did our usual spree.
But it feels so good when the kids go nuts! It’s worth the toil and strain.
These kids are only this young once and they’ll never be so again.