It All Fades Away

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

An unfinished conversation
In a picture of the past
Like the one that I just found of you
Among many that I had
I remember I saw you laughing
With my camera close at hand
We were minutes from a quarrel
And forever from understanding

You were just a bit excited
and a little more displeased
How you hated candid pictures
When I took them just to tease
Then you told me I was crazy
I said I was born that way
And we must have said those same two lines
Twenty times a day

Now, I’d swear you don’t remember why we parted
Just like I cannot remember why we loved
Ain’t it funny how the past
Makes the better memories last
‘Cause the pain fades away, it all fades away

An unfinished conversation
That I’d somehow like to end
If I just knew where to find you
Or where a letter could be sent
But I know I’d not be welcome
I know you’d nearly die
All conversations fade away
When the love-light leaves the eye