Louise’s Song

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

I would have been here sooner
Your note came yesterday
But, yesterday was crazy
There was much to square away

Then I tried to come this morning
But the old car wouldn’t run
And the buses run so slowly
There was nothing to be done

But you, you don’t need my troubles
I’m here now, anyway
And there’s nothing left behind me
To say I cannot stay

When I told you that I love you,
I said’ “Call me anytime
And especially when you need someone
When things get out of line”

And oh, there’s a burning in your eyes
And the hand you put in mine won’t stop trembling
Oh, tell me what you’re going through
‘Cause all I want to do is be protecting
Oh, all those shadows on your face
They look so out of place, they should be sunlight
I want to take you when the smile returns
And keep you from the night
And wake up to see me in your eyes

I don’t know why we happened
When we’re kept so far apart
There sure are lots worse prisons
Than the kind with iron bars
And it almost makes me crazy
To see you hurt inside
When you’re beautiful and really need
To let things open wide