Past Fifty

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

Some living, no one time for giving, I ain’t got a dime
Winds are blowing, wheat fields are growing, bit none of it’s mine
Gets so I just watch people go by, looking away
I tell you I’m almost through, I’d hate to see another day

Easy lady, I know you’re always ready, selling your time
My last dollar, I pinched it ’til it hollered and bought me some wine
I’m past caring, it’s all I got for sharing, so if you’re for free
I tell you, I’m almost through, I’m tired as a man can be

I want to go home to the Maker, home to the Chief
The Holy Word made me sure my worried mind would find relief
I’m going through life like a Pilgrim, lost in a storm
With winds that blow to make me cold, but the Holy Body keeps me warm

Some morning I’d like to see me warming my feet by a fire
Eggs and bacon, coffee I’d be making, couldn’t be finer
A good living, extra bit forgiving someone like me
I tell you I’m almost through. I’m tired as a man can be