Straight & True

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

At Lincoln Center a freak o’ weather brought a taste of sea
And I was back in Nova Scotia
And all my friends were there with me and they were
Drink-in Diamond, sing-in Carter and passin’ them from mouth to mouth.
It sounded like “Good-bye” and I knew that I was head-ed south,
The bitter South

In my uncle’s kitchen the songs were bitchin’
Or some Hank Williams blues.
And I can hear my cousins’ voices singing
The very best that they can do.
And it doesn’t matter what we’re drinking,
The ocean brings the flavour through
And if none of this is fancy, the love is always straight and true.

There’s some-thing a-bout it, I can’t live with-out the coast
The rhythm at Goshen, the clean whole-some motion of most of my friends there
Sway-in’ by the trees
Sing-in’ of the sea now
City streets they can’t hold me when I’m most a-lone
I’m goin’ on home

I think I’m ready, my hands are steady
‘Though that’s something I’ve not always known.
And even if the West rejects me,
There’s some place I hold for my own.
And I soon will be there, do I love it?
Yes, I guess that you could say I do
’Cause I’ll be pickin’ with my people where the music’s always straight and true.