The Nancy

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

The clothes men wear do give them airs, the fellows do compare.
A colonel’s regimentals shine, and women call them fair.
I am Alexander MacIntosh, a nephew to the Laird
And I do distain men who are vain, the men with powdered hair.

I command the Nancy Schooner from the Moy on Lake St. Claire.
On the third day of October, boys, I did set sail from there.
To the garrison at Amherstburg I quickly would repair
With Captain Maxwell and his wife and kids and powdered hair.

Aboard the Nancy
In regimentals bright.
Aboard the Nancy
With all his pomp and bluster there, aboard the Nancy-o.

Below the St. Clair rapids I sent scouts unto the shore
To ask a friendly Wyandotte to say what lay before.
“Amherstburg has fallen, with the same for you in store!
And militia sent to take you there, fifty horse or more.”

Up spoke Captain Maxwell then, “Surrender, now, I say!
Give up your Nancy schooner and make off without delay!
Set me ashore, I do implore. I will not die this way!”
Says I, “You go, or get below, for I’ll be on my way!”

Aboard the Nancy!
“Surrender, Hell!” I say.
Aboard the Nancy
“It’s back to Mackinac I’ll fight, aboard the Nancy-o.”

Up comes Colonel Beaubien, then, who shouts as he comes near.
“Surrender up your schooner and I swear you’ve naught to fear.
We’ve got your Captain Maxwell, sir, spare yourself his tears.”
Says I, “I’ll not but send you shot to buzz about your ears.”

We fired as they hauled anchor, boys, and we got under way,
But scarce a dozen broadsides, boys, the Nancy did then pay
Before the business sickened them. They bravely ran away.
All sail we made, and reached the Lake before the close of day.

Aboard the Nancy!
We sent them shot and cheers.
Aboard the Nancy!
We watched them running through the trees, aboard the Nancy-o.

Oh, military gentlemen, they bluster, roar and pray. Nine sailors and the Nancy, boys, made fifty run away. The powder in their hair that day was powder sent their way By poor and ragged sailor men, who swore that they would stay.

Aboard the Nancy!
Six pence and found a day
Aboard the Nancy!
No uniforms for men to scorn, aboard the Nancy-o.