The Wreck of the Athens Queen

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

We were drinking down to Reedy’s house
When first we heard the blow
It seemed to come from Ripper Rock
So boldly forth to go
And sure enough the rusty tub
Could just be barely seen
As her stern was high up in the air
We made out Athens Queen
O, the lovely Athens Queen

Me boys I must remind you
There’s a bottle left inside
So let us go and have a few
And wait until low tide
And if the sea’s not claimed her
When the glasses are licked clean
We will then set forth some dories lads
And see what may be seen
On the lovely Athens Queen

Some songs and old tall stories then
Came out to pass the time
Nor could a single bottle
Keep us all until low tide
And so it was before we left
The house we were at sea
So we scarcely can remember
How we made the Athens Queen
O, the lovely Athens Queen

O the waves inside me belly
Were as high as those outside
And though I’m never seasick I
lost dinner overside
T’was well there was no crew to save
For we’d have scared ’em green
We could scarcely keep ourselves
From falling off the Athens Queen
O, the lovely Athens Queen

Well Reedy goes straight down below
And comes up with a cow
Hello I said now what would you
Be wantin’ with that now
You’ll never take the cow home
In a dory on such sea
Well me friend he says I’ve always fancied
Fresh cream in me tea
For the lovely Athens Queen

I headed for the galley then
Cause I was rather dry
And glad I was to get there quick
For what should I spy
O what a shame it would have been
For to lose it all at sea
Forty cases of the best Napolean
Brandy ever seen
On the lovely Athens Queen

I loaded twenty cases boys
Then headed for the shore
Unloaded them as quick as that
And then pulled back for more
Smith was pullin’ for the shore
But he could scarce be seen
Under near two hundred chickens
And a leather couch of green
From the lovely Athens Queen

So here’s to all good salvagers
Likewise to Ripper Rock
And to Napolean brandy of which
Now we have much stock
We eat a lot of chicken
And sit on a couch of green
And we wait for Ripper Rock
To claim another Athens Queen
O, the lovely Athens Queen