Try Like the Devil

Composed by Stan Rogers | © Fogarty’s Cove Music

So it’s come to the alley
And playing in bars
Coming on to the hustlers
And the old bunt out stars
With the demons on my shoulders
Smiling to show me the way

Now there’s one for ambition
And another for greed
Ah here’s a big one,
He’s a drunkerd,
And the easiest to feed
It takes a poor man to ignore them
A rich man to drive them away

No more thinking
I don’t dare care anyway
I can’t find an answer
I look for one anywhere
I keep my head down
keep my head down
Smile when they sell me
I’ll play where they tell me
I’ll Try Like the Devil
to keep the demons away

Now it’s so tantalizing
The still smell of success
And the demon keeps me singing
And he won’t let me rest
Oh someone
Won’t you listen
And help drive the demons away