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Stan Rogers Albums

Fogarty’s Cove
Stan’s debut album of songs inspired by Nova Scotia, includes classics like 45 YearsGiant, and Make & Break Harbour.
A mix of roots & contemporary styles, including tracks Jeannie C., So Blue, Song of the Candle, and cover of Archie Fisher’s classic Dark-Eyed Molly.
Between the Breaks… Live!
Includes high-energy songs like Barrett’s Privateers and Mary Ellen Carter as well as poignant ballads like Harris & the Mare and First Christmas.
Northwest Passage
The prairies and north are represented here with Field Behind the Plow, Canol Road, and the title track, which is regarded by many as Canada’s “other” national anthem.
From Fresh Water
Stan explores the area and history of Ontario and the Great Lakes region with songs like White Squall, Macdonnel on the Heights, and the powerful Lockkeeper.
Home in Halifax
A posthumous live album of some fan favourites, including the witty between-song banter Stan and the band were known for.
Two radio plays broadcast on the CBC.
Harris & the Mare (1982) (By John Gavin Douglas, inspired by Stan’s song) The Sisters (1979) (By Silver Donald Cameron, music composed by Stan)
From Coffee House to Concert Hall
A mix of Stan’s early studio work and concert footage from late in his career. Includes Acadian Saturday Night, Guysborough Train, and A Puddler’s Tale.
The Very Best of…
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A Matter of Heart
A cast recording featuring some of Stan’s best-known songs.


Sheet Music, Books, Videos and Shirts

one-warm-line northwest-passage-book man-with-shirt
One Warm Line
We’ve got two clips of “One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers” right here. The documentary was produced in 1989.
Northwest Passage
Originally titled ‘An Unfinished Conversation: The Life and Music of Stan Rogers’) is a wonderful collection of stories, memories, and facts on Stan’s career and the people in his life. Here are a few excerpts from Northwest Passage.
Fogarty’s Cove T-Shirt
We have a number of sizes in this white T-Shirt. Featuring the Fogarty’s Cove logo on the front, and “One of Barrett’s Privateers” on the sleeve
Stan Rogers – Songs from Fogarty’s Cove
Sheet music including the songs from Stan Rogers’ first four albums